Business Link High5ive

Business Link chose us for this exciting project to design the interiors of two floors at the High5ive office building. They wanted us to create a space that’s not a typical office – something where people can really feel inspired, at ease, and ready to unleash their creativity. Our main focus was on making sure everything was practical and cutting-edge in terms of technology – to keep up with the fast-paced work environment nowadays.

One of the big challenges we faced was making sure the central area of the floors felt bright and welcoming. We decided to go with a clean, white theme to set the stage for everything else. White walls, ceilings, floors. But we didn’t want it to feel too clinical, so we brought in lots of plants and mirrors to add a touch of nature and openness.

We also wanted to make sure there was plenty of natural light, even in the heart of the space. We came up with the idea for a “skylight” in the ceiling that lets in sunlight, even if you’re far from the windows. And to add some extra flair, we hung  stylish column-lamps-planters from the ceiling. They not only look cool but also brighten up the place and bring in some greenery.

By keeping the background simple and white, it really made the colorful, boutique-style accents stand out. We’ve got these special areas that pop with vibrant colors, kind of like little oases in the sea of white. The whole vibe is fresh, lively, and just screams “let’s get to work!” Plus, with all the greenery around, it’s got that calming, stress-relieving effect.

The project won:
– CBRE Office Superstar Best Office in Poznań Award.
– Silver Novum Property Award.
– European Property Award.