CitySpace Midpoint

The space resembles a living room with a kitchen, and additionally features mirrors designed by Oskar Zięta, the author of the famous Nawa on Dali Island. This is how the office space of CitySpace looks in the newly built MidPoint71 office building on Powstańców Śląskich Street. Almost like home – this was the assumption guiding the designers of the new flexible offices. 

The central part of the office is occupied by a zone reminiscent of an intimate living room with a kitchen. In the common areas, the goal was to create a friendly, homely atmosphere. The furniture is simple, kept in subdued colors. A consistent color palette dominates there, as throughout the entire space. 

The architects sought to avoid sharp forms and vivid colors. They opted for muted colors – white and wood, complemented by navy and green accents. 

A “surprise” for the employees is the real small works of art in the form of specially produced navy-blue mirrors by Oskar Zięta, a Wrocław-based artist – through gradient, they perfectly capture the atmosphere of fluid change that we tried to create throughout the interior.