Ten Square Games

The project for Ten Square Games – the leading Polish game developer – was the first one in Poland where the embedded carbon footprint for the newly created interior had been calculated. 

From the outset, the design process was conducted with the clear goal of generating the lowest possible parameters of the embedded carbon footprint. Thoughtful recovery of existing materials and closely monitored progress of the implementation significantly reduced environmental impact of the fitout. In total, thanks to the pro-environmental approach, 38.8 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided.

The main idea of the entire project was to ensure that the office space of Ten Square Games will be maximally multifunctional, to meet various company needs in a significantly smaller space than before. Instead of creating separate zones for different occasional purposes, multifunctional zones were created, which could be quickly adapted to the current needs of the company.

Our goal was also to combine the principles of sustainable construction with an aesthetic design that would closely match the DNA and culture of the company. We conducted an extensive research to better understand the work culture and nature of the business, allowing us later on to optimize the space for the specific needs of employee groups. The guiding theme of the project was flexibility – rooms that can serve more than one function, furniture that can be easily moved to another place, etc. Thanks to this flexibility and easy adaptation of space to different needs, it was possible to significantly reduce the demand for space.

As the main decorative motif of the finish we chose characteristic colored squares imitating pixels, which refer to the company name and the key process of game development – rendering.