Polskie ePłatności (PeP) Warszawa

The interior design project for the company, inspired by PeP logo colors, creates a lively and contemporary space, brimming with energy and creativity. It’s a great example of how to use a company’s branding to craft a unique workspace. 

Despite limited space, smart layout planning has made room for a shared area that’s become the hub of the company. Here, employees can gather, grab a coffee, chill on a comfy sofa, or even collaborate. Modern design, mixed with practicality and comfort, turns the workplace into not just an efficient spot to work, but also a fun and inspiring environment that fuels ideas and creativity. 

Unique finishing touches and colors set the tone, forming a consistent look across all the company’s locations. This creates a sense of unity and belonging, boosting the positive vibes at work and reinforcing the company’s identity.