New office for Grupa Freundschaft, one of the leading ad agencies in Poland.

Things we really like about this project:

  • We worked closely with the client from the project’s inception, completely re-imagining the role and the functions of their office space.
  • This approach allowed us to achieve significant cost savings for the client, reducing the office footprint by more than 50%, all while relocating to a more central and accessible location in the heart of Warsaw.
  • Regarding the design: we have exclusively used reclaimed furniture, aligning with an eco-friendly ethos, but also creating a unique atmosphere that complements the agency’s creative work style. As Freundschaft’s CEO Anna Koszur aptly notes: „Our modernity is reflected in the fact that we have an office without new furniture”.
  • We created an eclectic mix of styles. Alongside iconic pieces such as Philippe Starck’s Dr. Yes Chairs, the office showcases furniture from the 80s/90s by German company Kusch+Co, Kartell chairs, acoustic furniture by the Polish firm NOTI, and vintage round tables from the late 60s and 70s. Absolutely everything is in the spirit of Re-use.
  • In the design process we have also cooperated closely with the client – the captivating graphics adorning the walls were created by agency’s designers: Karolina Kaczmarczyk, Paula Głębocka, Bartek Koj, Piotr Fuk, Dawid Bogacki, Konrad Smolarski. Thus, every aspect of the office design resonates with Freundschaft’s brand identity and creative vision