Business Link Maraton

The interior of Maraton totally breaks away from the usual office standards. 

It’s a project built on the strength of quality and simplicity, combining noble materials like glass, black steel, and wood, showcasing earthy colors. The offices are furnished with designer furniture: boutique-style ergonomic office chairs. The industrial vibe mixed with boutique elegance gives the interior a unique character. Incorporating botanical motifs – moss on the walls, soft sofas soften the ambiance. 

The overarching theme of this interior design revolves around journeys, encouraging exploration of both literal and metaphorical unknown spaces. The travel inspiration is evident in the accessories and murals, which are unique pieces of art prepared by a duo of artists: Dorota Zemła and Dariusz Młącki, known for their work exhibited in galleries like Zachęta Gallery, both in Poland and abroad. 

Our main design principles focused on maximizing functionality and technological modernity – aligning with the contemporary, evolving work model. The entire space offers the possibility of rearrangement depending on its function, such as communal breakfasts or events.