Business Link Astoria

The whole space of Business Link Astoria is designed for rearrangement depending on its function, like communal breakfasts or events. It’s a concept that fosters the development of the entire ecosystem created together, bringing the space’s residents closer. 

As we shape the space, we also create isolated spots for quiet conversations, as well as nooks integrated into the coworking life, separated by greenery or specially designed partitions with a unique character for the interior. At the same time, there’s a need for more intimate areas – phone booths for private calls.

The interiors are decked out in shades of grey, black, and various shades of blue, which, combined with elegant accents, create an inspiringly beautiful, intimate boutique space. The elegant character of the interior is highlighted by high-quality materials such as brass and black steel partitions, velvet upholstery, marble elements, natural wood, and high-quality carpets. Greenery plays a significant role, softening the interiors, allowing for visual breaks, and providing relaxation.

We’ve taken care of not only basic functional aspects but also artistic experiences – enriching the arrangement with artworks and murals, or even sensory experiences – from air freshening to excellent coffee. All of this creates a unique atmosphere that contributes to a pleasant business environment.

The project won a Silver Novum Design Award.