Wirtualna Polska

Our collaboration with Wirtualna Polska began many years ago when we were tasked with bringing together, under one roof, a newly forming, energetic, and rapidly growing media organization. 

We had a unique opportunity to create the original visual character of WP’s office identity. At the same time, work was underway on the brand’s image campaign, so through close collaboration with marketing, we had the chance to develop a very cohesive internal message. 

We immediately opted to collaborate with Polish artists and embrace the local culture inherent in the company’s DNA. Specifically for our project, a unique series of large-format photographs of Polish cities was created by the eminent photographer Maciej Margas, which became the guiding element of the new décor. 

We also made a point to select furniture from Polish designers – starting from the iconic Roman Modzelewski to Tomek Rygalik. 

Several years later, in the design of the new headquarters, we created a space for collaboration with illustrators. We asked them to present their original, artistic interpretations of Poland’s “green” regions. The result was a phenomenal, original collection of illustrations showcasing the most beautiful natural places – from the Bieszczady Mountains to Hel. We utilized these images in large-format reprints, which we used to fill the Greenzones – relaxation areas present between work zones, where urban, artistic photography still reigns supreme.

The project won European Property Award.