Polskie ePłatności (PeP) Rzeszów

The project began with extensive research and analysis regarding work methods and employee needs, which covered most departments in the company.

We recommended relocating the whole organization – transitioning from two locations to one common, multi-floor space. We analysed how to most efficiently locate  functions and departments within the floors, and also how to distribute departments across the floors to optimize vertical communication in the building.

In addition to areas tailored to various work models, users have access to appropriately selected collaboration spaces on each floor, from small rooms for online meetings to mobile training rooms and classic or creative spaces.

Care was also taken to locate areas where the nature of meetings involves longer stays in rooms near windows to provide users with adequate comfort.

Chill-out kitchen annexes located on all higher floors offer a relaxing panoramic view, while those located on lower, more spacious floors are adapted for organizing larger group meetings.

All meeting places and selected work areas, including offices, are equipped with electronic devices tailored to today’s post-COVID requirements to support hybrid work.

The office design is based on the brand’s colors and continues the previously designed concept implemented by us in the company’s Warsaw branch.