Pod Nosem Luxury Rentals & Restaurant

These luxury boutique rentals in Kraków’s Old Town offer a cohesive design aesthetic that blends contemporary style with classic touches. The overall feeling is one of total comfort, elegance, and functionality.

The designer used high-end finishes like marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and plush velvet upholstery. Natural materials like wood and woven textures add warmth.

The beauty is in the details and overall composition of each of the three apartments. A sleek black floor lamp with a white shade provides task lighting beside one of the armchairs, while a pendant lamp with a woven shade hangs from the ceiling, casting a warm glow over the room. Sunlight streams in through a large window on the far wall, illuminating the space and highlighting the natural materials and muted tones. A textured cream rug warms the hardwood floor, adding a touch of cozy comfort underfoot. Two armchairs upholstered in a soft dove grey fabric with a subtle geometric pattern provide a comfortable spot for reading or relaxing. A woven throw blanket draped casually over one armchair adds a further touch of texture…

The apartments are accompanied by a fine dining restaurant on the ground floor, which has received numerous culinary awards.

This is how Pod Nosem is described in the Michelin Guide: “The bright ground floor of this characterful medieval-style restaurant is hung with tapestries and the white wooden banquettes have tapestry seat cushions to match; downstairs, amongst the brick and stone, it’s more dimly lit. Classic Polish recipes are given appealing modern updates. Above the restaurant are three richly furnished suites – with prices to match”.