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Meet Kasia

I’m the founder an lead architect of Fruit Orchard. But, actually, it's my second career. I worked as a C-level executive in leading Polish corporations - helping launch a private bank, managing a radio station, running marketing and programming for a digital TV platform etc.

I quit the corporate world in 2008 to focus on my true passion: design and architecture. 

I have a masters degree in Management Studies from Warsaw University, where I also finished doctoral studies. I graduated with distinction from postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Interrior Design and Exhibition of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I have recently graduated from WSEIZ architecture with a distinction. I have also completed numerous design courses at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

The corporate experience does help, however. I do understand the business needs of the clients and can relate to different challenges, and our projects really solve the problems of our clients. 

Martyna Wawer

Architect, Project Manager

Helena Pawlak

Interior Designer

Kuba Wujec

Marketing Manager

Paweł Wujec

Head of Business

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