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Katarzyna Miastkowska



For some interior design is a nightmare, whereas for others it is a great joy. I belong to this latter group so if you are in the former one, you have come to the right place.


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What does the cooperation with a designer look like?


In this case, with me:


My motto is to create comfortable and friendly spaces. Tailor-made places which fulfill your expectations and in which everything just fits right in. That is why I always rely on functionality. When the functionality is covered, we wrap it in design, so each of us (but first of all, you) likes the final outcome.


My education:


I graduated from BA and PhD Management Studies at Warsaw University. I also graduated with honours from postgraduate studies at Faculty of Interior Design and Exhibition at Łódź Academy of Fine Arts.


My experience:


20 years in corporations on manager positions (from the media to banks) – which means I know quite  well what such words as “budget”, “deadline” or “crisis” mean, but also that it needs to be “pretty”. I have been involved in design ever since I can remember, but it took me a long time (because I worked non-stop) to realize that it was not only a passion but also a profession which I  would like to deal with.


Apart from purely interior design projects, I worked on various TV programs, where I was responsible for the setting or designing the spaces (including the hit series “Kuchenne Rewolucje”, “Pan i Pani House”, or the TV series ‘Wawa Non Stop’)

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Apart from designing, I also like cooking, gardening and writing books.


Why the name FRUIT ORCHARD?


Fruit Orchard is a place where fruit grows. Or perhaps, a fruit can become the beginning of a new vast orchard??? I wish you that your new space will be arranged like that so it becomes the beginning of a new, great stage of your life and helps you fulfill your dreams.


Greetings and get in touch!